Another Sunset

Sunset illuminates clouds with train bridge

At one or all of the damns upstream from where I live on the Snake River they are holding back water. As a consequence the water level has dropped low enough that one can walk the length of the river on what is the new mini beach-like bank. I’ll make it my new walking path over the next several days and take in some viewing angles on the river that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. This photo doesn’t represent an especially new angle. It was a last minute scramble just to get in position before the sky darkened. Fortunately I didn’t get a speeding ticket this time as I raced the setting sun.

Perrine Bridge

Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls as seen from the Snake River Below
Perrine Bridge

Thanks to a friend’s invitation and his available Hobicats, I was able to get a different perspective on the Perrine Bridge today! What a great time!

We went all the way up to Shoshone Falls and since there was very little water coming over the falls we were able to go right up to them. There was a swarm of young boys in kayaks there too. (Two boy scout groups with their leaders). Some of them were jumping 20 foot boulders into the water below.

I’m now off to scout out some photo opp’s and situate myself for another moonrise. (Moonrise 8:15pm)