Mountain Biking with Rattlesnakes

This afternoon while mountain biking down Big Cottonwood Creek, I passed an emphatic rattling sound.  I know other animals besides the rattlesnake mimic the rattlesnake’s sound, and I have heard them many times.  This, however, got me off my bike and walking back.  It was not hard to find because the moment I started walking back it started up on it’s rattle again.  It was about 4 feet off the trail.

This was the most intimate personal encounter I have ever had with a rattlesnake on my own.  It was and is an impressive creature.  I am SO VERY UPSET that I didn’t think to flip my camera to VIDEO mode and capture the entirety of the experience.  I am kicking myself for that.

This is a Great Basin Rattlesnake



Because it was 55 degrees outside and snow was forecast for the next day, I decided to go for a mountain bike ride instead of staying at my desk to get some important work done. I figured it would be my last chance before winter officially descended on the area.

Midway through the ride a bush and I had a disagreement. I thought I could power through the edge of it but it stopped me completely. When I tried to step out to my left, I couldn’t unclip fast enough and the step was down slope so I went tumbling off the edge. The front sprocket decided to do a number on my lower leg with a nice little puncture wound. I couldn’t get the bleeding stopped easily after I finally got it cleaned up so I went in and had a couple of stitches put in.

That’ll teach me to think twice before leaving my desk next time.