Los Angeles

I brought my youngest daughter to LA for her 18th birthday. She wanted to have one last get together and trip before starting as a freshman in college in a week. I suppose a lot of people pick LA as a travel destination but I am not one of them. Having lived in LA for a couple of years I don’t see the allure. I didn’t pick this destination however, she did. She wanted to connect with some new friends that lived here and hit the beaches.

The weather and beaches have been nice. The freeways have been parking lots much of the time. (Not news).

We went to an Angels baseball game. We had great seats just behind the home team’s dugout. Those seats force one to keep a close eye on the game if only to protect yourself from a line drive foul ball in the face. Shannon is just becoming more familiar with baseball and she said she enjoyed herself more than she expected she would.

Tomorrow is beach day. We’ll check out the surf at the Santa Monica pier. The surf was perfect on Friday though we were not equipped to get in the water. Shannon wants to get on a surfboard again. I do too, but my little knee injury from a few weeks ago (running) has been bothering me again this week so we’ll see.

On Friday we visited the Fashion District. I’m sure it must have originally been called the garment district. It was another world. Seeing where retailers get some of their product that they then mark up 500% was eye opening. Shannon said she’ll not look at the price of clothes, handbags, sunglasses etc… quite the same way again.

We saw some great street dancers in Santa Monica. They called themselvws the “Outer Circle Crew”. They were very entertaining and all of them were great breakdancers. A couple of them were actually AMAZING. I didn’t get any video but their website is http://www.outercirclecrew.com. For as hard as some of them must have worked to get the skills they have, I hope they can find some financial success for themselves.

The Holiday Inn Express has treated us very well this trip. Upon checking in they gave both of us 50 dollar American Express gift cards. I’d say that was pretty generous. I booked the trip through some American Express promotion first shwon to me on my facebook page. The same promotion also got me one free night.

I managed to strike my head on the spiral staircase in the room. Yeah, I know it seems odd that a HIE would have a room with a spiral staircase in it. It does. Shannon sleeps upstairs in her own space while I get the lower floor. Anyway, all the blood that started streaming down the one half of my face after bumping my head gave shannon a bit of a scare. It looked pretty bad, as head bleeds can. I wish I could have snapped a photo but I was too busy trying to keep blood off the carpet and clothing. (Only partially successful). There was a dry cleaner next door that helped out with one of my shirts. (Picked it up today). (Blood free).

I’ve eaten at a Panda Express 3 times now. Once on the way here (airport). Once at the Angels game, and then once again tonight, down at the corner of Olympic and Sawtelle streets. (Shannon is off playing at 6 flags with friends). I could eat their “sweet fire chicken” all day long. I just love that stuff.

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