Early Merging

I was travelling home yesterday when signs on the freeway indicated road work ahead.  Shortly thereafter I came over a rise to find a long line of cars in the right lane and only a car or two moving slowly in the left.  I saw no merge signs, no lane closed ahead signs etc… so I continued in the left hand lane.  I did not prefer to merge earlier than necessary and also did not prefer to be the last one in a stopped line just beyond a rise.  (I didn’t want to get rear ended).  Well, as I was going along, a big pickup decided that they were the enforcer of the line and pulled out in the left hand lane to block my progress, despite a few miles of open road ahead with no merge in sight.  He turned on his flashers and kept at the same slow speed as the truck to his right.  What does this reveal about him?  What does the whole situation say about people in general?  Does a willingness to “fall into line” despite no signage requesting such,  and then to functionally close an open lane to others that are apparently “getting ahead” say something about the way many of us navigate other aspects of our lives?

(How we do anything is how we do everything)