Arctic species: Arctic Tern — Natureview photography

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you, the world champion long-distance migration: the Arctic Tern!! This little bird breeds as far north as Spitsbergen and flies all the way south down the Atlantic Ocean, may venture a little into the Indian Ocean towards Australia before they turn south again to the Antarctic shores. Here they […]

via Arctic species: Arctic Tern — Natureview photography

forster’s tern

with riverbank trees blocking the low summer sun 
the tern surveyed, up and down and around, 
peering around corners of light, looking, 
looking down on the here smooth and shaded Umatilla

            river of recovery

diving now, wings falcon swept,  
it breaks the glass 

not to go deep deep
there is no deep deep here
but just deep enough 
for a snatch of silver

two minutes later it's back
looking, looking..