List of species seen on Yellowstone trip

May 3-5, 2013

If you click on the species listed below it will not take you to any photos of mine, but rather to an eNature, Wikipedia, or Cornell Lab or Ornithology page for the species.

Black-billed Magpie
Bald Eagle
Common Raven
Trumpeter Swan
Yellow-headed Blackbird
American Coot
Ring-necked Duck
Ruddy Duck
Red-winged Blackbird
Osprey (catching and flying with fish)
Common Merganser
American Bison
Canada Goose (small and large race)
Dark-eyed Junco
Uinta Ground Squirrel
Sandhill Cranes
Mountain Bluebird
Bighorn Sheep (my first time seeing one in the wild)
American Robin
Mule Deer
Clark’s Nutcracker
Barrows Goldeneye
Grizzly Bear
Red Squirrel
Yellow-bellied Marmot
Steller’s Jay
Red-tailed Hawk
Great Blue Heron


I wish the breeze could blow away the truth.
That reality could again be
cattle, snowdrift, and wildflowers.

From a clear blue sky news strikes
the mountain slope and burns.

My early descent startles fawns
who were sure they had more time to play.

If he were alive

Today I saw Mr. Wilson, on Overland Ave, watering his flowers and grass by hand in his front yard. I see him there from time to time. He was a classmate of my Dad’s and I always imagine, as I pass and observe, that that is about how old my Dad would be looking right now were he alive.

He died when I was 27. I didn’t get enough time with him. I miss him. I wanna talk.

A Happy Birthday by Ted Kooser

A Happy Birthday

This evening, I sat by an open window and read till the light was gone and the book ws no more than a part of the darkness. I could easily have switched on a lamp, but I wanted to ride this day down into night, to sit alone and smooth the unreadable page with the pale gray ghost of my hand.

–Ted Kooser