Today I Saw

Today I noticed catkins emerging from some Aspen trees.

Tree 1’s progress:

c49605433258_669c3d85af_o (1)

Tree 2 is a little farther along

p49606001742_23c20a9dc4_o (1)p49605748911_fc2ae039c0_o (1)


Tree #3, more shaded, hasn’t felt the urge.  Well, maybe it has felt the urge; maybe it’s feeling the urge right now, but it hasn’t, you know, let itself go.


Tree 3 also seems to have some  “Poplar Twiggall Fly” (Hexomyza shineri) bulges.  I cut two open but couldn’t spot the larvae.  They are green and blend in with the green twig fiber so they are not easy to see. (from my brief research on the topic)


If you want to see images of this Poplar Twiggall Fly click here.

Aspens are diecious and these trees are male.



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