I longed for brightness exceeding enormous

Passing people are passing away
to join them would be an unsaintly penitence
is there anyone here who can just chauffeur
me to Memphis to see Minnie?

The coachman won’t stop. He never stops.

What dim bulbs your friends were
I longed for brightness exceeding
if it were to come
with a bit of vanity,
so be it..
it would have been worth it

people are still passing

in the harbor
thousands of green fish
dead float on the
gentle waves

I want to touch them
but my hands are
impeccably clean
and besides..
Chang advises against it
says it will stunt my children’s

We awaited the arrival of our firstborn
with some anxiety
it seems we could have used
more assistance
than a ring tailed lemur
observing in the distance

Somewhere else on TV
the business of War continues
Ashes ashes we all fall
down in South America

Early that dark morning
crossing the white road
before the unfixed storm
Apollo came running up
Lost for days
thought dead
he wanted to join us in America
we said sit….stay

God I love California
the wine
Adam and Eve
John Wayne
while most men
were having theirs irradiated
I went to the most beautiful laundromat
I think it was the night
heaven’s gate exited for their
heaven’s gate.  39 fish out of water
thought an asteroid more inviting
than San Diego

the biggest influence on me
thanks for asking
was rain, romance, and
Stacy Hardwood fresh out of Paris

I’m a sick boy on a broken earth
I have a shack, a camera
and am freebooting Wi-Fi from
my dimwitted neighbor
I’m bigger than a tomb
smaller than a man
wandering through gloom
and Glare by Ammons

at the end of time
will someone be standing there?
will the pods, by the thousands
be opened with hideous exactitude?

Some nights on the dock
I turn my back to the water
and look ashore
to the moonlit grass
I think about profound things
like margarine,  peanut butter
my aunt Beth and her fucking around

a grand sorrow assembles
on my canvas
mainly your diseased dog
Rover White RGB(222, 222, 213)
Linden Green #9bb23e

When I was 20
and less free spirited
I read Shelley
while clinging, leechlike
to my fainting country

Leonid Brezhnev
crawling bugs

Dear Owl
Have you ever seen an Eskimo?
Have they never picked through
your pellets
looking for whale bone?

For several years I fell in love
while still learning the word
it was a planet
of decelerating dreams
just shy of discernment

Here go the chickens again
blotting out the day
advertising some small p
for poetry

kiss my waking ass

What Sam Harris did
to his brand name
doesn’t make sense

can a well-made
grilled cheese sandwich
find a home in Vista?

for awhile I was alone
and truly hated you
Well, not truly truly
but come on..

I know you have a message for me
midway along this road
passing time
I hear your voice
in my baggage
“where do we go from here?” you ask.

heart of darkness

I think we go straight to fear
the blue ribbon house
whose welcome mat
is always swept.
We’ll speak to Francis
the old hungry bird
and ride bareback again
through young woods

Can you conceive?

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