One of my goals for 2015 is to post to this blog more consistently. Today i didn’t get a photo taken so I went back and found a photo (2 in a sequence) from a year ago at this time that were never put on this blog.

I would love to capture a murmur of starlings again this year. I am seeing them all around. There should be another opportunity if I keep my camera handy.

8 thoughts on “Murmur”ation”

    1. I THINK they fly silently, other than the sound of their wing beats. Maybe it helps their concentration. I know if I was in the group I would want silence! It looks like I should say “Murmuration” instead of Murmur. Hmm.. 🙂 I have some video somewhere of a flock about this big descending onto my lawn. I’m curious now about how much noise they produce and whether my memory is again faulty.

        1. I can’t find my video but my recollection is noisy while perching, quiet while flying and feeding on the ground.

          Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a HUGE murmuration like this? (or any other number of youtube videos) I just thought this one brought a does or realism and mild humor to the equation. 🙂

  1. I have been watching a lot of videos of starling Murmurations on Youtube now and it seems that when they are feeding in a large flock they are not silent then. I stand corrected. Anyway.. thanks for helping me investigate and think about it more! 🙂

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