A colorful, mindful, noontime walk


      1. Well, I mislead you, sorry! It’s actually Virginia Creeper. I kept thinking about it, and did a google search for “vine with red stems and blue berries.” Here’s one of the results: http://www.ehow.com/info_7839201_vines-berries-red-leaves-fall.html

        I’m a bit embarrassed since I came from Virginia, where there sure was plenty of creeper, but then, it was just a nasty vine that overtook everything. And now, voila! It’s art!! Glad we both learned something!

        1. 🙂 ! “Virginia Creeper” will be easier for me to remember anyway. Thanks for the courtesy of posting this follow up message!

          A few days ago i sent a link to one of your blogs to my son as an example of what i considered good writing/marketing. It was the page where you offer to create the deadlines if need be. Ha.

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