An Offence to the Nostril

The Hungry Gap

Today, I am contemplating a few words from the deep blue pen of Ralph Waldo Emerson.  I am doing so in relation to my work in art, my gardens, my cooking, my plant-based diet, this blog, and my projects altogether.  I am doing so in relation to what I mean by ‘contemplative gardening’ . . . and The Hungry Gap itself.  I am doing so with humility.  I offer here four moments from Emerson’s powerful oration delivered before the Society of the Adelphi, in Waterville College, Maine, August 11, 1841, The Method of Nature:

Tell me not how great your project is, the civil liberation of the world, its conversion into a Christian church, the establishment of public education, cleaner diet, a new division of labor and of land, laws of love for laws of property; — I say to you plainly there is no end to…

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