Letters to a Young Gardener, Letter Two

“To be endowed with a poetic frame of mind does not necessarily mean that one writes poems. It means that one experiences the world with a certain level of sensitivity and connectedness. ”

I am finding these letters poetic and moving. I am humbled and grateful to the author for being so.. giving of himself. As to the poem within this posting,..well, I didn’t expect to be so impressed. I read a lot of poetry and I think it’s REALLY good.

The Hungry Gap

Letters Header ImageMy Dear Sir,

Thank you for your patience.  It has been some time since I wrote to you.  You asked if I could tell you how I first became interested in gardening and how long I’ve been a gardener.

You said that your aim is to take inspiration from what I might tell you, and that you want to figure out how to get started in gardening on your own.

Thinking about my boyhood years, I cannot think of a time when I was not connected to gardening in some way.  Though I have no clear memories of it, my father had a small vegetable garden.  I do remember helping my mother can fruits and vegetables—bushels of fruit and vegetables.  She must have purchased them from area markets.  I remember sitting in the living room, snipping beans, hulling strawberries, and the like.

When I was old enough to work in…

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