Letters to a Young Gardener: Letter One

The Hungry Gap

Letters Header ImageMy Dear Sir,

I came upon your kind letter this morning while immersed in my daily hour of correspondence.  I want to thank you for your questions and the confidence you have placed in me.  You asked if I could tell you how I first became interested in gardening and how long I’ve been a gardener.

You said that your aim is to take inspiration from what I might tell you, and that you want to figure out how to get started in gardening on your own.

As it will take me some time to thoughtfully answer your questions, I must begin by asking for your patience.  If I am able, I will try to send you a brief note about once a week.  Given the projects now at hand, I can pledge no more.

Allow me to begin with a cautionary note from the ancient past.  In Latin, it…

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