Western Tanager

Here’s another drop in the bucket of a recalled peace.

I don’t have a lens that is normally strong enough for a decent bird photo, but in this instance I was in a blind, putting me close to the action.

I still remember an early morning mountain bike ride some years ago with a buddy of mine up Third Fork Canyon where he stopped in front of me, popped off his bike with great enthusiasm and asked if I had seen a wildly colored bird that he had just spotted before it flew away. I hadn’t. We looked at a field guide later and it became clear to us that he had seen his first Western Tanager. He saw it, I believe, because he had decided several days before that to start being more mindful of birds in general. The mindfulness that birding demands is something that I appreciate, and a Western Tanager is, in my opinion, a species that is easy to get excited about.

western tanager
At Cabin Lake Oregon

7 thoughts on “Western Tanager

    1. As I think I mentioned in one of the first I posted a few days ago, I don’t have a very strong magnification lens but I was sitting in a bird blind at a prime location. Thanks for the comment.

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