19 Dec (Ammons) (from Tape for the Turn of the Year) (1963)

this ole world could be
    if it wusn't
for hate
    bustin it apart,
    crackin it
into little pieces:

love, I mean, could
    rise up there love
and make all the 
children dance
    shaking breasts & hips,
shooting in & out
and all kine of sanging
going on:

summer coming back just
like it hadn't been

and the bees
in the hollyhocks:

calves kicking up their
heels &
the spring roosters 
crashing into crows:

in Praxagora"s perfect
world, tho,
the maiden could be had
only after the hag
    was served:

and what would we do with 
our hate?
turning hate outward, we
keep dense & pure
our inward love:

can we incorporate our
can we maintain a high
degree of difference
    within unity's cluster?

give room, latitude, widen
the band
    of acceptance:  we live
in strictures of hate
& suspicion, intolerance
    & doubt:

absorb the margins:
enlarge the range:
give life room:

                   (A.R. Ammons)

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