Snippet from Grayson

And I thought as I stood there how many a man, deep down in his heart, knows to a certainty that he has escaped being an outcast, not because of any real moral strength or resolution of his own, but because Society has bolstered him up, hedged him about with customs and restrictions until he never has had a really good opportunity to transgress. And some do not sin for very lack of courage and originality: they are helplessly good. How many men in their vanity take to themselves credit for the built-up virtues of men who are dead! There is no cause for surprise when we hear of a “foremost citizen,” the “leader in all good works,” suddenly gone wrong; not the least cause for surprise. For it was not he that was moral, but Society. Individually he had never been tested, and when the test came he fell. It will give us a large measure of true wisdom if we stop sometimes when we have resisted a temptation and ask ourselves why, at that moment, we did right and not wrong. Was it the deep virtue, the high ideals in our souls, or was it the compulsion of the Society around us? And I think most of us will be astonished to discover what fragile persons we really are—in ourselves. (Grayson)

2 thoughts on “Snippet from Grayson

  1. . . .so well written and sincere. :). This and your previous posting of ‘Grayson’ has led me to believe I have a great deal of appreciation yet to be discovered by this deceased fellow. I will have to do some digging and am excited for the treasures that await me.

    1. Hey Tamara,

      My sister first introduced a book by him to me. An old worn out copy that my Grandmother owned and marked up. He was very popular during my grandmother’s time. When I was doing some digging on the internet about him and learned that he wasn’t who he represented himself to be. He wrote, I thought, as if these were real accounts and experiences of a man named David Grayson, (himself).. but then I found out David Grayson was a pen name. I felt deceived. After all, I had tasted twigs as a result of some of inspirational writings. Ha!

      I ended up reading two auto-biographies of the man who wrote as David Grayson, Ray Stannard Baker. I went into the books secretly demanding that he explain himself. By the end of his auto-biographies, he won me over,.. and I went and read 3 more books by this David Grayson, with the enriched understanding of who was REALLY writing these stories. Now that I know they are fiction, I am reading them as such, and appreciating them as fiction and a representation of “ideas” from the mind of Ray Stannard Baker.

      I actually enjoyed Baker’s auto-biographies immensely! He was on scene at such pivotal points at the turn of the century, as a writer and journalist, that it made for a GREAT read.

      I hope your schooling is going well!

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