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Mailing Addresses, what a pain!

I don’t know if you recall, but in the early stages of the internet, the US Postal Service considered issuing EMAIL addresses.  These email addresses would be cross referenced in their database with your physical address.  Hence, someone wishing to send you a letter, could write your EMAIL ADDRESS on the envelope and be done with it!  (No name, street name, city, state, zip.. nothing.. just an email address)  I wish they had done this!  As it stands I am going to have to EMAIL several friends and extended family members to get their MAILING ADDRESS so that I can send them a Christmas Card!   Think of the privacy one would have too, if one could give out your email address as your mailing address. Hmm..   I wonder why they never followed through with their idea?  Of course, I get that I could just send folks an ELECTRONIC holiday greeting and skip the whole paper thing, but…  I don’t know,..   I guess that just seems TOO easy.   Yeah, half the time I don’t know why I’m complaining either.  “Do you want it easy, or don’t you?”

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