Eating Basque Style in Elko

Tonight I went to a Basque style restaurant in Elko Nevada. I have been to a Basque Picnic before but never eaten in a Basque restaurant. It was quite an experience! I should have taken a clue when my co-worker, when asking for some lemon with her water, was brought a plate with 8 half slices of lemon on it.

I ended up ordering the filet mignon. After telling the server how I wanted it cooked, I thought she would talk to me about the sides. She didn’t volunteer any information so I asked her if it came with potatoes or what? She said the sides would be soup, salad, spaghetti, green beans, a loaf of bread and french fries. (Standard). Those sides are standard between everyone at the table and are served family style. the one thing she did ask me is if I wanted garlic on my steak. I thought she meant some light seasoning (garlic salt or something) I said yes. In fact, what she meant, was do I want a PILE of freshly cut garlic on top of my steak. (Delicious!)

The soup was great. The salad was extra tasty and reminded me of a cesar type salad. The other sides were perfectly acceptable but I just had small tastes of them so as to leave room for what was the biggest filet mignon cut/serving I have ever seen! (Picture below). (Yes that is a normal size plate). The steak could have been cut with a fork. It pulled apart very easily. I’m confident it was not an especially lean cut which I’m sure contributed to its outstanding flavor. (Along with the 1/2 cup of garlic) I am not a big meat eater. I thought I would take about 3/4 of the cut away in a box back to my hotel rooms fridge but I ended up eating the whole thing!

So, when I contemplate the basque loaves of bread I have seen for sale in Southern Idaho, and think about this restaurant experience, I am beginning to understand that the basque style is all about “going big”. (With everything!).

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