Today a few of the things I am grateful for are:
Fruit, Eggs, Jam, Milk, glow in the dark spaghetti, hula hoops, timers and video recorders built into phones, frisbee’s, crackers, light grape-cranberry juice, juggling balls, poetry, vew-do balance boards, total-gym”s & children.

I watched “Helvetica” this afternoon. A documentary about the development of the font type and how it essentially took over the world. (Interesting film/story) (Thank you NETFLIX instant download and TIVO)

I also watched a NOVA program on the worst airline (by death) crash of all time that happened in 1977 in the Canary Islands. An experienced pilot of a 747 took off in heavy fog without getting the go-ahead from the tower and clipped the top of another 747 taxiing down the same runway in the opposite direction as it turned to get out of the way. (Pilot error with a lot of contributing factors) If I haven’t seen this exact program before, I’ve certainly seen one on the same topic. It discussed how this accident forced airlines to revisit the way the cockpit crew is trained to interact with one another more as equal team members so that co-pilots and navigators feel like they have the authority to tell the captain they are making a mistake or challenge their judgment in a given situation. It is surprising that one would not always assume they had authority when it came to protecting their own life but social pressures can be an enormous weight on people sometimes.

I finished up BROTHERHOOD season 2 also. Since not owning and watching ANY TV to speak of in 2009, it sure seems like I am playing a lot of catch up in 2010! (Unfortunate) I put myself into a Stephen Dunn book of poetry tonight in a concerted effort to get away from the screen. I was looking for something to copy and paste onto this neglected blog but didn’t find anything that spoke to me. I decided to post one of my recent photo’s instead.

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