The day (so far)


I intended to walk down some alley’s today, looking for photos, but instead simply photographed the entrance to one:

Before leaving the house, I thumbed through one of Daido Moriyama’s books which helps remind me to loosen up and photograph more wildly/freely.  I was plenty free and wild but when I got home, I ended up saving only one of the 200 + DRIVE BY photographs that I took:

I didn’t think it was an ESPECIALLY engaging photo, but I wanted to save SOMETHING from the drive around shooting.  When I say drive around shooting I mean shooting from a moving car (at least this time). 

This business of shooting something on a daily basis got started when I captured a sunrise that I liked.  As I look back now, I haven’t pursued a sunrise or sunset in weeks.  I guess I’m currently burned out on the sun.  I’m sure my enthusiasm for a sunrise or sunset will return someday. 

I have recently been having a lot of fun editing some of my old photos on Flickr.  The two styles that I have been having the most fun applying to the photos are called HOLGA-ISH AND LOMO-ISH.  (Through Picnik) I think they have produced some interesting results:

While speaking of LOMO-ISH, I should post the 10 principles of “Lomography” that I just read about this week:

  • Take your camera everywhere you go
  • Use it any time – day and night
  • Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
  • Try the shot from the hip
  • Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible
  • Don’t think (william firebrace)
  • Be fast
  • You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film
  • Afterwards either
  • Don’t worry about any rules
  • And, for the sake of being fair and balanced, here is an ANTI-Lomography blog posting that posits a very strong opinion on the subject.

    As for me, I am just learning photography and having fun.  I don’t take photographs because I am trying to communicate something deep to others or be seen as an artist.   I am snapping photos to help anchor myself into a day/moment.  It’s a hobby that for me, slows down the rush of time.  In the process of reviewing those photos, I am learning what appeals to my eye and developing a personal taste.  (Which is currently all over the map) 🙂

     The sun is starting to shine again!  Perhaps it’s time to head over the mountain to see what I can see.

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