in Life

A day in the life


Weight at the opening bell: 218.5 (Goal 190)

Fluff and Fold drop off: 30 lbs even

Ihop: Classic Skillet, no meat.  Overhead music consisted of Neko Case and Jason Mraz. 

Starbucks: They made no suggestion so I had what I wanted which was a tall, non-fat white chocolate mocha with one pump of peppermint.

Business: Made SIMPLE IRA contributions and worked on  a Suspense Report review for the bookkeeper.

Entertainment: YouTube, “mynameismeghan” (a few of her old songs in her garage) and video of a Mother dancing joyously with her child to a Neil Diamond song.  Replaying the Mother-Daughter dance in my head makes me smile every time. 

Lunch: Cajun Chicken Pasta Soup. 

News: High School Senior Daughter was voted into the top 10 for homecoming queen this Friday.  25 girls were originally slated.  I feel so badly for the 24 that have such high young hopes that will be dashed.  Including, probably, my lovely daughter. 

Evening Workout: Stairmaster, 1 hour.  Heartrate: 140’s. Playing in the ears was:  This American Life Podcast, episode: “Fine Print”.  So many of THIS AMERICAN LIFE’S shows are DEPRESSING!  I can’t take that show in large doses. 

Evening: Watched a few episodes of the HBO series “6 Feet Under”.  I am on episode 6 of season 2.   Poor dumb Nate! 

One-A-Day photo:  (A project of mine where I snap and upload one photo a day to my flickr/facebook regardless of quality)  (An experiment)


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