The Blessing of Chores

Since moving to my own place and living alone I have revisited chores that had, for years, been left in the hands of other family members. What a pleasure filled rediscovery! Everyone should have plenty of chores to do! Yes, chores are chores, but I have discovered, oddly perhaps, that they contribute to my happiness! (Oh, if only my Parents could read this!)

I suspect one needs a daily sense of accomplishment and chores are always there, waiting to offer that satisfaction. They allow one to honestly say, when completed, that “today I took care of business”, if only a small part of the total business of living.

Last night’s chores included: Washing the bathroom mirror, sink, tub and toilet and decluttering SOME of the office papers that found themselves piling up on the floor and desk and shopping.

This morning’s chores, so far, have included: Sweeping, decluttering the kitchen table, washing the table, (no small task considering the mini-gutters it contains) taking the leaf out of the table, (the table is too big for the space with it in) reorganizing a closet, and refilling a bird feeder, vacuuming and mailing some packages.  

When I went away to college, one of the 3×5 cards that my Dad stuffed into my suitcase, which contained a piece of parting advice on each card, referred to how there was work to be done EVERYDAY. I believe he was referring to daily chores. (Homework.. etc.)

Growing up, my primary chores were taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, feeding the cows, sweeping the shop, and changing the water on the lawn and in the fields (moving pipe) and other farm work that arose. My other assigned chore was to attend to baseball, basketball, and football practice. I think most people would call “ball practice” PLAY, but after a few years, it started to feel more like a chore. 

Now I live in town where someone else cuts the grass and the only personal chores available to me are housework and personal hygiene. Yes sometimes I consider it a chore to shower, shave and brush my teeth.  : – ) These indoor chores of vacuuming, dusting, cleaning, organizing, decluttering,.. etc.. are currently holding my interest and serving to bless my life–and, in the case of personal hygiene, blessing the lives of others.  : – )

I’m thankful, at least today, for chores.

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