Switching from Delta to Southwest

Not all “travel vouchers” are created equal!  I let myself be bumped to a later flight a few months ago for a $200 travel voucher.  I was flying Delta.  I wasn’t in a hurry and got a free dinner out of the deal too.  Little did I realize that this “voucher” they gave me, would take even MORE of my time than it did waiting for the next flight on that day! 

The problem is that the voucher is not redeemable ONLINE.  That part is not so bad, except when I called Delta, they cannot take the voucher over the phone either!  The voucher, she told me, was only redeemable at a Delta ticket counter at an airport!  This was especially enjoyable to hear since the nearest ticket counter is 1.5 hours away and on the way to nowhere.  I quizzed her a bit more.  After spending a LONG TIME on the phone, she finally confessed that I could redeem it through a travel agency.  I went to a travel agency in town that I have used in the past.  I presented the voucher to the gal and she told me she was too new to the business to handle it and that I would need to come back when the owner was there.  I did.  He said they often do these vouchers and although this one did not look exactly like those he had taken in the past, that he believed it could be done.  He punched in codes, called experts, and basically banged his head against his computer for about 45 minutes before he gave up and said he couldn’t do it.  🙂  The experience was a huge waste of time.  The one positive was that we found we had a mutual appreciation for the author “Thomas Friedman” and I got a workshop on some aspects of the Hawaiian Islands.  (ha)

I happened to be driving out of town the next day to a city that had an airport not far off the freeway. I made my way to their ticket counter.  You can imagine how convenient it is to park at an airport and make your way up to a ticket counter.  It’s not exactly a walk in the park.   I forgot to mention the Delta phone representative told me I only had 24 hours to complete the transaction.  When I got to the counter, I told them how unhappy I was about how difficult they were making the redeeming of this simple voucher.   The lady behind the counter didn’t offer any sort of acknowledgement, sympathy, or apology.  In addition to this, they charged me an extra $15.00 for not using their online reservation system!  I’m so sorry they felt put out!  I left feeling like I shouldn’t be a frequent flyer of Delta anymore.  I will again vote with my dollar, and choose a company that doesn’t make their customers run on treadmills for no good reason. 

I complained to Delta’s customer service on email.  They said they hoped to improve things someday. 

I guess Southwest Airlines will get my business from this point forward. 

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