$0.16 Hero

A few days ago I found myself in a See’s Candy store.  We don’t have one where I live and my wife doesn’t feel complete unless I take the time to swing by the See’s Candy store for her benefit when I find myself in an urban center.  I was standing in line listening to ladies talk with other ladies.  One was knee deep in a story which I had to laugh at.  She talked about how her husband is fearless and therefore when he expresses any sort of understated “this doesn’t look good”, or the like, she knows it is serious.  She described a canoe trip that they took, where they got to a certain point on the river where he said “this doesn’t look good”.  The funny part for me was when she described where they put in, next to the “no canoes” sign, and others were trying to wave them down from the banks of the river.  She asked her husband “what should we do?”  He said “just keep paddling honey”.  She said, that is my whole life, “just keep paddling!”.  It made me laugh. 

A few minutes later another lady got in line.  She was trying to figure out how many chocolate pieces she could buy with the money she had on hand.  She was like a kid in a candy store!  Everyone surely remembers those times going up to the counter to buy candy, then see how much change it produced, and then going back to the candy section to spend the change etc..   She was this way.  When the lady told her how much she had spent, she decided she could add another chocolate piece.  Then when the new total came in, she was over by 16 cents.  She groaned that she must have forgotten to add the tax, and reluctantly told the lady she better put back the last chocolate.  I seized my moment to be the big hero, and told the cashier that I would cover the difference.   You’d have thought I threw down a $20.00 or something!  Oddly enough, they thought I deserved ANOTHER sample for my heroics!  Dang!  I should have taken the sample, instead of declining, and given it to the lady for a “bonus”!  That wasn’t very smart of me.  Oh well.  I thought to myself that if they can afford to give me another free sample, for offering up 16 cents, then why couldn’t they have just thrown in the other chocolate on their own, instead of actually taking it out of her bag and beginning to put it back in their bin? 

Now that I think about it more, maybe this is something they get ALL THE TIME, with people trying to squeeze an extra chocolate out of them?  Maybe customers put the squeeze on them for an extra piece of chocolate all the time?  I don’t know.  Someone do some research on this and let me know.  

Incidentally I told those gathered in the crowd applauding my deep penny pockets, that I would do whatever it took, to make sure the women of the world have their chocolate.  After all, I have to live with some of them.

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