NBA All Star Game

I watched most of the NBA All Star game the other night.  The best thing about it the SHOW was Christina Aguilera.  When did she get so talented?  I bet what happened was that she always had the talent, she just finally found the right songs and the right choreographer or something.  I saw her on the Grammy’s too and she had it goin’ on there too.  Wow.  She’s great!  I’m glad she’s getting to show her stuff. 

The next best thing about the All Star game for me was Shaq doing a little break dancing and pretending, for a moment, to be a ball handling guard out on the perimeter.  That guy is just cool.   I wish he would lose some weight and become more dominant again, but I wish I would lose some weight too. 

Charles Barkley doing a line drill race with that referee that he used to hate was pretty cool too. 

The game was… well, what it is.  I haven’t cared about watching an all star game for years.  The only reason I watched it this time was because it was on one of my 5 high def channels. 

I think that Utah Jazz point guard, Deron Williams, deserved to be there.  He is pure talent.

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