High Definition TV & TIVO

TIVO is terrific.  I have 4 of them in my house.  If you don’t have a DVR, try to get your hands on one.  It will change your TV viewing life. 

My wife decided to buy me a 60 inch plasma high definition capable TV as a gift.  Nice right?  Well,.. yes and no.  My TIVO won’t work on it because it is not a high definition TV.  The DVR that the cable company provides sucks in comparison to my former TIVO.  I used to be able to put in my favorite basketball or football team as “keywords” and “categories” and the TIVO would capture all of the games I was interested in.  This DVR is not capable of doing that same sort of “keyword” capturing. 

The next problem is that I used to have a nice big CRT TV that I was generally happy with.  Now because I have a 60 inch high def TV, all the normal channels look sort of sucky.  It’s understandable.  It’s like blowing up a little photograph to a huge size, when it was not shot with that in mind.  After you see a high definition picture of course, it is worse, because then everything else looks even worse, once the bar has been set. 

Effectively speaking, my wife, in an attempt to be nice, has really screwed up my TV viewing.  Now my games are not getting captured and I have been reduced to about 5 current High Def channels that my sucky cable company can provide to me.  It’s ironic.  I go from having access to about 60 channels to 140, I get a high definition TV, and my viewing has been reduced dramatically.  I’m sure the story is the same everywhere. 

As the NFL season approaches next year, I’m probably going to get DIRECT TV or some sort of satellite package and dump this cable company who cannot seem to deliver on their promises. 

I can’t believe I didn’t get to see either the FIESTA BOWL or the SUPERBOWL in High Definition on my 60 inch TV!  How stupid is that? 

I also plan on getting a High Definition TIVO as soon as they come down to a more reasonable price. 

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