Cold Case Episode

I watched a TV show tonight that was very impressive.  It was a COLD CASE episode.  I have perhaps only seen that show one other time and never tuned it in again.  I watched it tonight because it was on one of the few high definition channels my small cable company is providing me and so I hang out on the TNT channel.  It was a BEAUTIFULLY done episode!  I was truly impressed.  It was the episode where an old moonshine truck went off a bridge back in the 30’s and they found it, and a dead body in the truck, in the present.  They pieced it together to figure out, ultimately, that it was not a murder, but a desperate attempt by two young female lovers, to find peace, and togetherness, in death, when the world seemed bent on their destruction.  The twist was that only one died, while the other went on to live a heterosexual life and harboring this terrible secret and guilt for practically the balance of her life.  The detective characters helped her work through it and in the end, the show conveyed that the character was able to finally come to grips with it all and make peace with her past.  I think its artistry was impressive. 

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